How to Make a Claim

Claims Overview

There are several ways to file a claim, depending on what type of claim (e.g. dental) and insurer (e.g. Green Shield). More of our insurers are moving toward an online-only claim process and we will update this page as often as we can to keep up with those changes. As always, if you have any questions about how to file a claim, please contact us.

Health and Dental:

Forms are available online at or below. Original receipts must be submitted with paper claims. Paramedical and Optical providers can submit claims directly to Green Shield using their online services. Alternatively, you can also submit claims online with Green Shield. Log in at for more information.

Co-ordination of Benefits: You may have health and dental benefits under this plan as well as another plan, such as your spouse’s plan. Benefits can be coordinated according to the Canadian Life & Health Insurance Association guidelines. The total amount payable will not exceed 100% of the eligible expense incurred.

Your Claims

First: Submit to Green Shield (Primary)
Second: Submit to Spouse’s plan (Secondary)

Spouse’s Claims

First: Spouse submits to their plan
Second: Submit to your plan

If your child(ren) is covered under both plans, the primary coverage belongs to the parent whose birthday comes first in the year. Copies of receipts must be submitted to the Secondary plan along with the Primary carrier’s explanation of benefits.

Short Term and Long Term Disability

Forms are available below. There are sections for both you and your Doctor to complete.

Claims should be submitted to Great-West-Life within 5 days of injury or illness and must be submitted no later than 90 days after onset of injury or illness. The MBT must complete an employer statement with your claim so please let us know when you are submitting a claim. Forms can be faxed directly to Great-West-Life. A Great-West-Life. Claims Manager will contact you should your claim continue to Long Term Disability.

Critical Illness:

Please contact the MBT office for claim forms.


In the event of your death, claim forms will be mailed to the beneficiary on file. Information is forwarded to your last known address.

Questions about your MBT/RBS Benefits?

If you have questions about what form you need to use, get in touch . In the meantime, we’d love to tell you more about your MBT benefits.

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